About Me


Hey, I’m the Kaila behind Kaila Wren Photography! I am a wife, mother of three and photographer located in the Fraser Valley.

My love of photography goes back to childhood. It has always been my passion and dream to pursue a career as a photographer, but for more years than I would like to admit, I let fear get in my way. Thankfully, it was my husband who finally gave me that final push to follow what made my soul light on fire (Thanks Babe xo) !!

To me, photography is a way of stopping time - freezing moments that you will never get again. I feel so blessed that I am given the opportunity to do that for people. Seriously, it’s the best!

I love the feeling of connecting with my clients. Making them laugh, dance and feel comfortable being themselves. I love seeing the unique connections each couple or family has. I love to try new things, ideas, & challenge my abilities to create beautiful memories for you. So know, I am down for whatever you want to create!